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Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue has a network of volunteers throughout the Midwest. We have many needs to keep our organization running and growing. We count among our volunteers some of the nicest people you will ever meet and we all share the common goal of rescue, as well as our love for the Siamese Cat! So please fill out a volunteer application and we will arrange a telephone interview as soon as possible so that we can utilize your skills, talents and interests so that you can help us help as many meezers find homes as possible.

Volunteer Opportunities
The primary volunteer activities that make up our program include:
  • Cat House volunteer
  • Foster parent*
  • Helping with follow-up calls
  • Answering behavioral questions
  • Helping staff events and shows
  • Transporting meezers* to their new homes with the Meezer Express
  • Adoption/volunteer interviewing*
  • Helping with fundraising--have a special skill? Let us know!
While these are the main activities that comprise the Volunteer Program, volunteering with RMSR takes many forms as we continue to grow and help as many meezers find homes as possible. Most importantly, many of our activities can be done from afar, so you don't have to be in the Rocky Mountain region to help our wonderful cause.

We need folks who can help staff the Cat House on weekends and if that schedule doesn't work for you, we need folks who can drop by during weekdays to provide some cat care. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions whatsoever regarding this - we really need your help!

We have volunteers who sew crafts for retail sale. Some help us write articles for their local newspapers, post flyers and posters (click to download) to recruit adopters and fosters, man information tables at community events, local pet stores and humane society events. Others organize information and retail booths at cat shows, write to manufacturers for donations, help us organize our special events by emailing volunteers, and sending electronic, as well as paper, thank you's. Still others donate art work, develop new marketing and retail ideas, make cat toys to sell, or make snuggles as gifts for our cats so they have something to call their own.

The list is endless. Click here for details on some specific volunteer opportunities.

Your contributions, no matter how large or small, will always be greatly appreciated at RMSR. Thank you for caring enough to work together to make a difference!

* Requires special training or qualifications and/or an additional application.

Volunteer Application
   Application/Approval Process
   Meezer Express
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